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Top 10 Akshay Kumar Movies List | Akshay Kumar Movies | Best Movies of Akshay Kumar

Top 10 Movies of Akshay Kumar

Top 10 Akshay Kumar Movies
Top 10 Akshay Kumar Movies
Akshay Kumar has come a long way from being action hero to super star. One of most popular stars of bollywood , akshay kumar is also high tax payer in bollywood since last two years.

Akshay Kumar Top 10 Movies List
Here is list of his top ten movies according to me

1. Khiladi : Story about two couples and their college life. Suddenly their lives changed when one girl of them got murder by an unknown person. How other three friends find out killer movie is about that. Khiladi was trend settled for Akshay then after success of Khiladi Akshay got 7 more Khiladi title movies even special appearance in Om Shanti Om was also related to his Khiladi Series.

2. Dhadkan : Akshay kumar as sidha sadha character is something which none can relate to but he defied his image and became exactly what no body expected him to be. A simple , truth loving , harmless character who gets married to shilpa shetty who is in love with sunil shetty. What follows is story of how akshay wins over shilpa and how sunil comes back in their life to get shilpa back . This movie made sunil's 'mein tumhe bul jaun yeh ho nahi sakta , tum mujhe bhul jaao yeh mein hone nahi dunga' a very famous dialogue.

3. Sangharsh : Critical acclaimed and class movie. Akshay is a prisoner who knows every single thing about world through his sources. How he helps a CBI officer to arrest a serial kids killer. Movie didnt work but still critics give the examples of Sangharsh and Akshay’s performance as Professor Amar Verma.

4. Ajnabee : This movie made him win his first film fare award in negative role which he plays to perfection. Akshay plays role of husband of a rich lady who is in love with bipasha basu even before he gets married. He is looking for couple whom he can use for his plans to murder his wife (rich lady). Bobby deol-Kareena kapoor are couple he is looking for . First he proposes them for wife swapping which bobby refuses . Then he comes up with another plan to frame bobby and this time he becomes successful in it.

5. Aankhien : A new director (Vipul Shah) and New and not very familiar hero (Arjun Rampal) and a dry subject. According to trade if Aankhien released now it could be Akshay’s biggest hit. How can you believe that 3 blinds will rob successfully a bank in front of 100 people.

6. Khakhee : Akshay kumar plays a corrupted police officer in this movie. He is a flirt and Womanizer who is made part of team under amitabh bachchan. The team is sent to dangerous operation . Akshay kumar transforms from being corrupted officer to police officer who died for his duty. This movie was critically aclaimed and role of akshay kumar was entertaining and worked both with people and critics.

7. Waqt : Best father son relation movie. Akshay Kumar head to head Mr. Bachchan. fun, emotions, drama and superb climax. For me Waqt was Vipul’s best work so far.

8. Aan-The man at work : This is action movie based on police life. A demoralised , corrupted police team gets fresh zeal to eradicate crime from the city after akshay kumar takes charge of the team. Akshay kumar plays role of strict police officer who believes in rule books and human rights. This movie was critically acclaimed and akshay's role was appreciated.

9. Namaste London : A desi boy how he wins the heart of his English-Punabi wife? How Vipul shows the cultural differences and spoiler of new generations who were born abroad? NL considers best work of Akshay so far.

10. Hera Pheri : This is a cult movie. This movie saw akshay kumar rise to become one of biggest stars of bollywood . This movie followed series of comedy movies for akshay kumar. Playing an unemployed person , akshay was at his best in this movie. This is very hilarious movie and rightly deserves a cult status.

I wont say any thing else except list of these movies. Don’t think list finishes at 10. I could include Mohra, Sabse Bada Khiladi, Khiladio Ka Khiladi, Awaara Pagal Deewana, Jaan e Mann, Aitraaz and Bhul bhuliyaan . But I think these 10 are enough for this moment.


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